Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what we've been up to

WOW! I have soo much to catch you all up on!!!

While the kiddos were gone, Heath and I were able to spend a lot of time together. I met his best friend for the first time. I was a little intimidated, but as we were hanging out she passed this note across the table to me:

We went to another friend's house for the Cardinals game then went to Westwood High for some volleyball with his sister and her friends. I was so bummed I couldn't play but had a blast watching from the benches.

Monday came and I had butterflies ALL day (I always do on these days) ... I got the kiddos back!!!!

We had tons of errands when the kiddos came back so I treated them to a surprise dinner ... at KRISPY KREME!!! (Logan's too busy looking at some sign)

Yesterday we stayed after school and played with Emma and Owen - Addi and Logan's super close friends. Emma and Addi kept sneaking off. Karen (their mom) and I thought we finally got them trapped when they decided to play in the bike racks ...

We were sooo wrong. We got to talking again and couldn't find Emma and Addi. They were hiding in a ditch, playing with rocks!

This morning, Addi was showing off her new "talent", as she calls it. She can cross her eyes! She says, "I am special because I can do this...."

I have the kiddos this weekend so I am hoping to take lots of pictures. I've heard about a cool location in Scottsdale so I think we'll check it out!! Stay tuned ... :)

An update on my leg -
There is nerve damage. I am on steroids and nerve calming meds for the next 4 months. I see the dr in 3 weeks to check up on the meds and how they are doing. After that, he'll start scheduling physical therapy so I can start running again at some point this year. My goal is to do the Sprint Tri in Anthem, in September!!! Thank you for all your prayers, emails and phone calls!!! I love you all ... very much and feel so thankful for such awesome friends and family.


Agnes said...

I want Krispy kreme right now! Looks sooo good! Glad to see you are doing lots better! :)

Naughty Newbee's said...

Hey there Jenn, did you get any good pictures of our Gutair Hero night?? Just wondered I was going to copy some off your blog but wasn't sure if any turned out or not....Looks like you guys had a fun weekend though and how fun to have the kids through the long weekend.. :)

maelynn said...

Hi Jenn,
I was glad to catch up with your family!
It looks like you had quite an eventful holiday season!
I hope that everything is going as good as possible right now.
Let me know if we can help out in any way.
We still need to get together some time!☺