Friday, January 23, 2009

my new start just keeps getting better

Well, my friends ... meet my newest baby!!! I am soooo excited (and a little in love - I must be honest) with my new ride!! Last night I continued with my NEW START on life and bought this awesome Trail Blazer!! I seriously love it. The kids are going to be thrilled!! Heath went with me to help pick it out and talk to the Salesmen! THANKS BABE!!!

Life just keeps getting better every day!!

Yesterday I got an email from Mark's wife asking for a scheduling favor. It's sooo nice to think at some point Mark, MarKaa and I will have a "normal" divorced situation!! With real communication and all! This is the first time MarKaa and I have communicated. Way cool!!

This weekend we are continuing to pack Heath up for his big move next week. A little golfing is also on the agenda!

Tomorrow I am taking family pictures for Tisha and Mark (and sweet babe McKinnley). I am way excited to see them - such an awesome little family! Pictures to come ...

Until then - HAPPY FRIDAY ya'll!!


The Williamson's said...

I am so happy/proud of you! You sound so happy, we like that! :)

Lon and Becca said...

yeah for new rides! It was fun getting my car :)