Monday, January 19, 2009

meet my man

Thanks to my little photographer, Logan, I was able to get a picture of me and Heath.
(Thanks Logan!!!)

I have promised myself to NEVER live a double life again!! I have done it for two marriages now. When the truth comes out I feel embarrassed and ashamed for lying to my family and friends.

So ... with that said ... THIS IS HEATH!! We are officially dating exclusively. I've heard the warning: "go slow". We are. We are on the 2 year plan!! Neither of us want to rush anything and want to be sure that if "this is it", it's going to last forever and not just a year or two. Neither of us wants to be hurt again, either.

I've never met someone quite like Heath. He's so much like my Dad, it's unreal. I've never dated someone like him; it's so different than any other relationship I've ever been in.

enjoys going with me to take pictures of the kids - just because he gets to spend time with me.
likes to watch chick flicks with me while eating ice cream.
likes hanging out at home (I don't have to entertain him).
opens my car door every time.
appreciates my cooking - no matter what it is; he's just thankful that I cook.
thinks I'm a good mom and compliments me on the way Logan and Addi have turned out so far. respects Mark as Logan & Addi's father.
invites me to have dinner with him while on duty - even if I'm in my running clothes.
thinks I'm beautiful without makeup on.

... the list just continues.

I've never been happier. I am truly happy!

A little bit about Heath:
born and raised in Chandler, AZ - on a dairy farm.
he is a DPS Officer (Highway Patrol).
has been a Police Officer for 9 years.
has a 6 yr old son, Kaiden, who lives in Las Vegas.
1 sister, 2 brothers - he is the oldest.
lives in Scottsdale - but moving to Chandler next week to be closer to me & his family.

Thank you Heath for the best relationship I've ever been in!! I am looking forward to seeing where we go together!!

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