Friday, January 02, 2009

back home

Boy, I never thought we'd make it home!!! While in Cali, CB asked if I could find another car so he could have the one he bought me back ... seems fair ...

So, I bought this Blazer from my Aunt K, it was a tow that my Aunt's boyfriend did a while ago. Such a fun car! Curtiss was so jealous! Well, we got to Bakersfield (3 hours south of my parent's house) and the tranny went out. It died. Flat out died. I drove Curtiss' Nissan pick up and pushed the Blazer to an Auto Zone parking lot. Curtiss' Nissan has a damaged bumper now. It's a stick shift, so it was a little hard to push a dead, bigger vehicle without banging it over and over. :) Sorry C!!! Soo ... we unpack the Blazer and shove everything into the little Nissan and headed home!!

I was sooo excited to see the kiddos!! I picked them up yesterday, Jan. 1. We had a talk in the car about what was going on; what really happened to my leg and the divorce. The kids were sooo happy. (?!) I guess I'm not surprised. They could sense the tension, I'm sure. It was such a confirming feeling that the kids were happy about the divorce and moving out and on!

We had such a fun day! It couldn't have been better. I've been hanging out with a FRIEND (promise, only a friend) who's son lives in Las Vegas so, we decided to hang out and spend the day together.

First we went to the train park in Scottsdale ....

Then we went to Heath's apartment to play with Logan & Addi's Christmas presents from Cali, since he lives in Scottsdale and was close to the train park.

Addi loooves this butterfly and didn't want to stop flying it! Thanks Aunt Kathy!!! Even at 7pm, she was asking to go fly it!

Logan had fun doing tricks on his new scooter ... thanks to Uma and Papa!!

Did I mention Heath is a DPS Officer???!!! Yeah ... Logan's IN LOVE!! He and Heath are new best pals! Heath let Logan dress up in his riot gear and play in the patrol car!!

Back to reality!! I'm back to work today. The kiddos are back to school on Monday. We move into our new pad on Tuesday ... I can't wait!!

2009 is going to be an awesome year for us! I can already tell!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!


Jen said...

Jenn, I do hope this year will be better for you and the kiddos and wish you all the best.
Will call you soon! Love you!

Dawn said...

I've been without my computer for awhile so I am glad to catch up with your blog. Glad you are back in town. I do need to borrow that disk from you again if you don't mind.
Give me a call or email sometime.

Mandi Damron said...

I couldn't be happier for you! I am very impressed with the new man! Not to mention he looks so cute with the Kiddo's! I love you girl!

Sam said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats cop guy he is kinda cute...... hope you hada good new year love you sooooooooooooooo much. keep in touch!!