Thursday, January 08, 2009

moments in time

The BEST part of taking pictures is capturing the REAL moments! They are my FAVE shots. So natural. Real feelings. Real emotion. Real personalities.

Here are some of my fave REAL shots from the Penrod's last weekend. None of these were posed ... nobody knew I was even shooting yet! These are the best!!!

Enjoy as much as I do!!


shell said...

hey, call me. i'm dying to hear EVERYTHING. and see how you've been treated by your pasts and your presents. love you tons.

Agnes said...

I've been searching my email for this blog invite! I found it! :) I've so been meaning to send you an email...I just don't have acess to my laptop like I did (still broke) But I've been thinking about you are in my prayers. I'll send you an eamil soon :) Love Ya!

Scott and Candice Moore said...

I just love the pictures you take! The orange wall and green the coloring! You are more then welcome to come and visit anytime! It is peaceful and slow paced down here..well not in my but in Ajo in General!