Thursday, January 08, 2009

new friends, new home, new start

Can this child get any cuter??? Addi is seriously one of the cutest girls ever! Not just looks, but her sweet and sassy personality too. She's got the package! I'm such a lucky mommy.

Logan and Zana (our new neighbor) became friends instantly, but when Addi and Zana met yesterday for the first time - these two were instantly inseparable. In fact, me and the kids left to get another load from the old house and Zana told Addi she would be waiting on our front porch for our return.

Today they go to Mark's. Sigh. I will miss them ... A LOT ... but I am looking forward to my weekend! I am going to spend time with Heath (whatta know - he likes SUSHI - YAY!!!), unpack and relax after a crazy week of moving.

I'll unpack a few more boxes then take some pictures and give you a tour of our new pad. We're sooo happy here and excited to start our new life!!

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