Thursday, March 17, 2011

ostrich festival

This year we went to the Chandler Ostrich Festival.  Heath has been going to this since he was young.  It's fun seeing something from his past, that we can do with him now!!  Reminds me of my lil home town and the festivals we had growing up. 

We met up with Chad and Kim {Kim is Heath's cousin} and their kiddos.  Denim, Addi, Logan and Preston hung out together.  Denim and Addi like the same rides; they are two peas in a pod. :)

scouting out the rides

on the swing  :)

our family's FAVE ride!

Heath - freaking out!!!
Preston, Addi, Denim & Logan

Chad {holding Logan}, Heath & Kim

Addi, Logan and Addi - petting the camel

MINI ME'S!!!  Addi {Chad's neice} & our Addi.  Logan {Chad and Kim's son} & our Logan!

Addi, Logan & Denim

Addi & Demin on the Viper.  They loooved this ride!

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