Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ride along

I wanted to "journal", show off ... whatever you'd like to call it ... what Heath does at work!  He is always sharing stories when family asks about incidents, but it's much different when you can put stories with pictures and actually WATCH HIM in action.  On President's Day, since I had the day off of work, I went on a ride along.  I felt like the Paparazzi at first, but when all the guys realized what I was doing and what it was for, they were like, "Jenn, did you get a picture of this?" And show me things that I wouldn't normally be able to see.  It was cool because I always go on Sunday and it's pretty darn "boring".  The last day of a holiday weekend, was much different.  Here's a few of my favorite stops/events ....

our first call was to help a Motor with an illegal load

Heath was searching one of the illegal's pockets and found this ... a DEER leg/hoof.  For good luck.  Didn't work out too well for him.  Maybe he should switch to Rabbits. 
4 in the car and 2 in the trunk.  I have ever seen something like this before - crazy!
just thought this was cool
Heath searching one of the guys in the trunk.  He had 3 pairs of pants on because it gets so cold in the desert at night and in the trunk of a car, at night.

A second license plate and the antlers of the same deer.  Gross
ICE {Immigration and Customs Enforcement} showed up and started the process to deport the car load.

The only lady in the group.  She had pictures of her daughter with her.  So sad.

Filling up at the office. I just think it's cool that this yard, at the station, is filled with trucks that are every little boy's dream to see up close.

5 car accident
The guilty drive who started the accident
Car fire!  I have never seen a car on fire before.  His car simply over heated and burst into flames.  He was ok and got out in time.
Tempe Fire at work

Beautiful AZ sunset
Dinner at Cafe Rio ... YUUUUMERS!!!

There was a call for debris in the roadway, on the ramp from 101 SB to 60 EB.  As we were responding to the call, we ran over it.  It was a HUGE sign that is on the back of Semi's saying 'Wide Load'.  We tried to fit it into the back of the car so we could hang it up in the garage, but it was too big.  Darn.  Allan had to stop traffic on the ramp for us.

Finishing up the night by running radar.  We got a 87mph
sneaky, sneaky po po

Kinda random ... but fun to see ... this is how we run plates and driver's licenses to see the person/car's info.

I have so much respect for our law enforcement!  I love going on ride alongs with Heath and makes me realize more and more how hard he works and how lucky I am to have such an amazing human being in my life!


Jackson Family said...

that's really cool. you had a very eventful day

Jennifer said...

I wish I could ride along with my dh, but it isn't allowed anymore. Love the photos. :) Thanks for sharing!