Friday, March 04, 2011

happiest of birthdays to my sweet man

Today is Heath's 33rd birthday!!!!!  I was so excited to surprise him with a few things, that I couldn't sleep!  I got up at 1am; tossed & turned until 1:30, then hit the gym until 3.  I surprised Heath with a special "card"/gift of the kiddos and his fave cupcakes {strawberry & white icing}.   

Kaiden's mom was awesome!  I asked her if she could send me a picture of Kaiden, holding a sign that says "dad" on it.  She was so quick and gave me tons of options!  Heidi - if you are reading this, thank you!!

My parents love Heath, to death!!!  If he doesn't marry me, I think my family is going to ditch me and take on Heath, as their son.  ;)

HaPPy bIrTHdaY to the most amazing human being I know!!!  No words could EVER be enough or truly express my love for you!  You are my best bud and keep me sane when I feel so overwhelmed.  You are my biggest cheerleader and ego booster.  You are THE best father any kid could ask for; Logan, Kaiden and Addi are beyond blessed to have you as their father figure.  I feel so loved by you and I only hope you feel just as loved.  Happy Birthday, Love!!!! day older and wiser, too...

Happy Birthday, to you!!


Liz Evans said...

So, so sweet. Hope you both have a great day and you guys seem very lucky to have found each other. Liz

jimbe68 said...

Wow Jenn - if Heath did not know how loved he is - he does now! I am truly happy for you and Heath. Yall make a great team.