Tuesday, March 08, 2011

guy price memorial at firebird

We had so much fun with Roy, Traci, Savana, Lindey and Darren at Firebird Raceway for the Guy Price Memorial Race. 

Hayden - Traci's lil buddy .. dong the "Big Wheels" race.  This kid is so darn cute and says he likes Ricky Bobby, in NASCAR. 

watching the race on top of the announcer building

burn out

Traci & Heath grilling .... Turkey, Tofu and Spinach burgers for me and Heath ... YUM!  Seriously .. so delish!
hanging out with my sweet girl, Savana
Traci & Hayden before his big race
Roys hot Pit Crew :) 
Savana hangin' on to Heath & Darren, on the back of the golf cart
end of the day ... looking things over
the pit crew ride
It was fun to watch kids come up to Roy, asking for his autograph!  Reminds of back in the day when I would go watch my Uncle race and people asked for his autograph.
the gang

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