Thursday, March 31, 2011

the kuhns

It was so much fun to have my parents and Kaiden in town to finish off Logan & Addi's Spring Break!  It was a short, sweet trip, so we didn't take many pictures.   
Here are some pictures from our afternoon with Grandma Kuhn, et al.

Lunch @ Arribas
(what a surprise, Addi picked "head" of the table)

The boys having "chip races", waiting for our food

Mom & Dad
(still happily married after 31 years)

Aunt Donna & Uncle Jim
(Donna is my Dad's younger sister)

Aunt Dale & Uncle Mike - these two are so funny!
(Dale is my Dad's other  younger sister)

Aunt Donna and John
(John is my cousin a few years younger than me - so many fun memories of visiting him growing up)

 Grandma and her "munchkins"!

The Kuhn/Randsom Clan

my FAVE picture!  4 Generations!
Grandma - my Dad (her first born) - Me (My Mom and Dad's first born) - Logan (my first born)

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Jackson Family said...

family rocks! I love your mom she is always so nice to me. She's so funny too!