Monday, March 29, 2010

addi's first school dance

Addi had her first school dance this last week. It was the Daddy-Daughter Dance at her school and she chose to go with Heath! He was so honored and really made it super special for her. Someday Addi will really realize what a great daddy he is to her (not that she doesn't realize it now), but she'll really APPRECIATE him and his efforts as she gets older. The entire night made me soooo proud to be this man's women and this sweet girl's mommy. I don't know who was more touched; me or Addi.

Heath rang the door bell to "pick up" Addi for their date. Logan answered the door and called for Addi to come downstairs. She had nooo idea ....

Heath bought Addi a corsage that matched her dress. She had never seen one before ... she loooved it and couldn't stop looking at it, smelling it and showing it off.

Heat held the car door open for her (just like he does for me, every time I get into the car)
She even got to sit in the front seat to the dance. She wanted to go with Heath, in a separate car, to the dance! It was soooo precious! She loves him so much!
On the red carpet

With friends

and two of her fave men (Daddy and Uncle C)

soooo handsome!!!!!

Oh my sweet babe ... you'll never know just how much I love you! You are such a special little girl and so loved!! You're beautiful, outgoing and such a joy! I am so honored to be your mama!

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mlesueur said...

This might be the cutest post ever!!! Addi is so adorable and sassy in her cute little outfit, i LOVE it!