Thursday, March 04, 2010

my love turns THIRTY TWO!!!

Dear Heath,
You have no idea how much you mean to me. You have become my world. You have my heart - all of it! I am so in love with you, for soooo many reasons! Here's my top 10:

10. you put your hand on my leg, in the car, while you're driving
09. you listen to music and sing along, while taking a shower
08. you always call me "gorgeous" when answering my calls or when you see me
07. you still open the car door for me and will lock the car door if I even attempt to open it myself
06. you allow me to be myself; blonde moments and all and you make it comfortable for me to laugh at myself
05. you are a good cook and follow recipes .... even when making Mac N Cheese
04. you will take the kids to run errands, without being asked, when you see I'm stressed or need a nap
03. you have THE most beautiful eyes and smile! They are so loving and genuine!
02. you are an amazingly patient Daddy to Logan, Addi and Kaiden.
01. you are my BEST friend!!! I don't have anyone else in the world who doesn't judge me and allows me to be 110% myself and loves me with all my faults, still thinking I'm the most amazing women ever - even when I don't deserve to the title!

I hope you have a very happy birthday!! I can't wait for a lifetime of more, to celebrate together!!
All my love,

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Cami D. said...

Um ok you're darling and I LOVE you for him! HA!