Tuesday, March 30, 2010

morris egg hunt

This year's Morris Family Easter Hunt was held in the middle of the desert. It was such a beautiful day. It's very different for me to be with such a large family .... from our teeny family on both my parent's sides .... but it's fun to have both! Here's some pictures for our morning with the Morris Family:

boys hiding eggs

all the kiddos gathered to start "the hunt"

here they go .... the lil kiddos first

Addi - getting tired, but still searching

Logan - on a mission and ditched his basket for a grocery bag ...
smart boy!

after the hunt, we just hung out and played with the camera ...
Addi was being a sweetie and letting me take pictures of her

Logan hanging out in Uncle C's truck ... eating his loot

No smiles??? Two of my FAVE boys!!

sweeeeet babe!!!!

I am so in love with this picture, it's my new FAVE!
I love this kiddo's freckles and bright red hair!

Addi taking pictures of us; being silly

PS .... while writing this post, Heath says to tell my "blogging buddies" hello from him! ;)

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