Sunday, March 14, 2010

i know you're mine

Dear Logan,
A few weeks ago when we moved into our house, Heath asked you to pick the toys that you wanted to keep and put them in your Lego bin. While I was cleaning up today, I happened to glance into your Lego bin and found a few interesting and weren't Legos! I couldn't help but pull them all out and take a picture of them and fall in love with you even more!!!!! I know you're my kid! You keep stuff that most people would be considered "junk", but it's sentimental to you. I am the same way and keep "junk" that is very sentimental to me, too!

Don't worry, sweetie ... I kept most of it! The empty tic tac box had to go, bud! ;)

Love you, my baby boy!!! Thanks for making me such a happy, happy mom!


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