Tuesday, March 02, 2010

THE most amazing man ... e-v-e-r!

This morning Heath read Addi's fave book, 'Freckleface Strawberry' to her class! He did SUCH an amazing job! I was sooo impressed and fell in love with him EVEN MORE (didn't think that was even possible).

Addi was BEYOND excited to have Heath reading to her class!!! She couldn't stop smiling!

After reading the book and answering some questions, Heath & Kaiden passed around badges to all the students. It was sooo cute to watch!
The last student to get "pinned" was sweet Addi!! She loves Heath soo much!

Babe - THANK YOU sooo much for what you did this morning for Ads! You have NO idea how much it means to me and Addi! You're such a great daddy to her. We are so lucky to have you and Kaiden in our lives!

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