Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lunch with great grandma kuhn

Going to Grandma Kuhn's, in AZ for Easter, was always my fave time of the year! Guess what ...? Logan and Addi now look forward to it too!! I wish I would have taken pictures of Kaiden and his own, private Easter Egg Hunt, when he was in town .... but I didn't have a camera :(

On Sunday, me and Curtiss took Logan & Addi to Grandma Jean's (my Dad's Mom) for an Easter Egg Hunt and baskets. They had a blast. Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon ....

Grandma cheating ... by helping her baby girl!

comparing loot???

Curtiss and Grandma

Aunt Dale and Curtiss hiding behind Logan

Grandma, Aunt Dale (my Dad's sister), Curtiss, Aunt Donna (my Dad's sister)
Addi and Logan

happy with his basket!

Uncle Curtiss helping Logan count his money!
Grandma Jean is known for giving eggs full of money!!!

Addi counting her money

Aunt Dale helping Ads separate her money from candy

Grandma - Thanks for such a fun afternoon of food, drinks and Easter eggs! It's always fun with The Kuhn's! We were bummed Heath and Kaiden couldn't be with us; Heath was working and Kaiden is in Vegas with his mom. We were thinking of them, though!!


mlesueur said...

awwww....I miss Grandma Jean!! Aren't grandmas the best?

Ricky and Kristi Rogers said...

since when does Addi wear glasses? Where have I been? She looks so cute!!