Monday, March 08, 2010


We had such a fun weekend at the Dunes with the Newbern's!

We rented a Rhino for the weekend that seated 4! The kids were sooo excited! We got to the dunes around midnight, but the kids didn't care ... we went on a right ride until 3am!

As soon as the sun came up the kids were ready for another ride!! We have THE coolest kiddos ever!!

A treat for the road .... gummy worms!!!
Our ride to Race Hill to see the rest of our gang ...
Addi and Emma

Addi & Gracie
Made it to Race Hill
Curtiss' bike was having a hard time as we started our JOURNEY back to camp
As Kara and I were following Heath and Curtiss, we took a bowl a little too steep and rolled the Ranger with Addi, Gracie, Emma and Grant. I wasn't wearing my seatbelt and was thrown from the Ranger.

The kiddos were sooo cool. They just played in the sand while Curtiss and Heath rescued us!

We had one more accident on the way back to camp. I was driving cause Kara's nerves were shot and we got to the top of a hill and my front tire had already gone over, but I was at an angle. We ended up rolling down the hill. Everyone was wearing buckles; Addi and Grant had a few scratches from the buckles. The tire came off the Ranger, but our men were able to fix it for us.

Other than a few bruises and scratches .... it was an amazing weekend! We love hanging out with Joey & Kara. They are truly great friends!

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