Monday, January 03, 2011

nye in vegas and the strip

Logan loved his pink tie so much that he slept in it!  He said he was going to wear it to school, too!  He did wear it on the way home with his jeans and Quicksilver tee and flip flops.  We got a lot of looks! 

He looks soooo sweet when he's sleeping.  So adorable.

The kids loved the hotel room; we had a kitchen and a living room. The kids played hide-and-go-seek .... Addi had the most creative hiding spot - in the dresser drawer!!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures AND brought my camera.  We didn't get to see Kaiden much, we were hoping for some more time.  We did also go to the dog park and kids' park as a family ... we were all so sad we couldn't see Kaiden more.  We can't wait to go back again and have some fun plans, planned!

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