Friday, January 28, 2011


The kids' school is collecting pennies for a charity.  To be honest, I don't remember which one! lol.  Heath is like every other dad when it comes to saving his change {well, at least my dad did and still does}.  He has his jar and its filled with change.  The other night, Addi was so sweet and just asked for the pennies in my wallet.  There were 4.  She was totally fine with that!  So ... I told her she should ask Heath, when he gets home, if she can have some of his change; since she was so respectful and grateful for the 4 pennies.  Heath was soooo sweet and told her she could empty the entire jar and take ALL the pennies.  She was sooo happy that she would be able to contribute to her school and hopefully earn a pizza party, for bringing in the most pennies.

Thanks for being the world's greatest {step} Dad, Heath!!!!  Addi, Logan and Kaiden are so lucky to have such a great example in their lives.

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