Monday, January 31, 2011

skate park

I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more ... Heath is THE BEST Step-Dad, ever!  I am so thankful for his influence in Logan & Addi's lives.  He's such a great example of what a dad and husband should be.  Logan has been beyond obsessed with his bike and "customizing" it.  He recently ordered a new handle bar and grips.  He brought his bike to our house, for the weekend, so Heath found a skate park nearby.  At this skate park, you can ride your bike and Razor's, too!  The kids were GREAT and so welcoming to Logan & Addi.  The kids made some new friends.   Heath was so good at encouraging Logan to go up and down the ramps.  It was cute - Logan acted sooo tough, but when he wanted to go up the ramp and Heath told him, "You got this", Logan yelled at him, "I will NOT go up the ramp until you are standing at the top!"  I almost cried!!

Two funny quotes -
Addi:  "Mom, my eyes hurt".  Me: "Why?"  Addi: "Because I have been starring at some pretty boys".

Logan to another boy: "Yeah, my Mom says this place is ghetto, but I like it". 

my love!!

Heath showing Logan he still has some skills!

watching each other

Addi was in and out of the bowls with her Razor

YAY!  FINALLY something my kids enjoy doing ... TOGETHER!!!!

at the top of the ramp, spotting Logan

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