Friday, January 28, 2011

bff's forever!

Addi and Kiana have been best friends since they met in Kindergarten.  They were in Mrs. Fredick's class at Patterson Elementary.  Mrs. Fredrick said it got so bad, with these two, that they were no longer allowed to walk in line together, sit together at lunch, sit at tables near eachother ... she said that it was like she didn't even exsist when she tried to talk to them and tell them that they needed to stop talking to eachother.  Turns out, Kiana's parents went to High School with Heath!  Small world!  The Sessions are now very good friends of ours, that we just adore.  Kiana is our second daughter.  I did a little photoshoot with them so we could print some pictures of them together and hang in Addi's room.  Here are some serious ones... and outtakes.  We went to Hobby Lobby and bought the materials to make them matching headbands.  They wanted pink, black and bling!  I love these two and I'm sooo thankful Addi has such a good, close friend!

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mlesueur said...

These pictures are so adorable!!!! Addi and Logan look so grown up :) Hope you guys are doing well.