Monday, January 03, 2011

kaiden's baptism

I am so glad that we were able to attend Kaiden's baptism and support him in his decision to be baptized. 

WHO WAS THERE {besides our lil family}
Debbie Goodman {grandma}
Sam Goodman {grandpa}
Cody & Jenny Goodman + kids {uncle/aunt}
Jim & Lindsey Simkins + Skylar {uncle/aunt}
Jake Goodman {uncle}

Kaiden's mom had a ton of her family there, as well.  It was so awesome to see the support Kaiden had from all sides of his families!  My parents were so bummed they couldn't make it.

Here are a few photos .... {taken with our phones}
Kaiden & Uncle Cody

Kaiden & Dad


our sweet family

Kaiden - I am so excited for you and your decision to be baptized.  I remember my baptism like it was yesterday.  I remember making promises to remain perfect {like not fighting with Uncle Curtiss} ... but that lasted all of 30 minutes!  We were fighting on the way home from my baptism!  I'm so glad that me, Dad, Logan & Addi were able to make it, from Arizona, to support you.  We love you so much!!

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