Friday, January 14, 2011

azca event

One of our friends works for a behavioral health clinic as well, and asked if I would take pictures at their annual Christmas event, for the Foster Care families.  I was so honored!  I had a blast and it's such an awesome cause.  Her hubby is on Heath's squad.  When I told Heath about the event, he jumped in and volunteered to bring the DPS Camero!  Courtney's hubby is also on SWAT and brought one of their vehicles and gave me a tour of the facility where it stays.  So amazing!! The kids got to sit in the Camero and play around in the tank.  It was a special thing for me to have Heath so involved with things I am involved with and support me in everything I do.  So this Camero just sits outside, without shade .. Heath had a BRILLIANT idea to ask if we could garage the Camero, at our house and take it events when it's requested.  The answer?  YES!!!!  I am so stoked to have this awesome ride at our house and be able to take it to events

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