Wednesday, January 26, 2011

stuck at taco bell

Last week, Logan decided he wanted to stay at his Dad's on Wednesday night.  I gave Addi the choice to stay, as well, and of course she jumped at the chance to stay with me and Heath ALL BY HERSELF!  The evening was all about her.  She got to pick what we had for dinner, what we watched, what we did ... so we started with an after school snack at Taco Bell {her fave}.  During our "snack", she had to use the restroom, so I went with her.  I totally forgot my purse hanging on my chair.  I went back out and it was gone!  My heart sank!  My keys, my wallet, my meds ... everything ... gone.  I asked the manager if someone had turned it in.  He said a lady took it and left her number.  She said if I didn't call her, then she would drop it off at my house, 1.5 hours away.  Now I'm thinking, SCAM!  I called the number and a guy answered.  He had no clue who I was trying to reach.  I called Heath, probably 20 times {no exaggeration}, but he wasn't picking up.  I figured he was at a wreck.  I called one of the guys on his squad and sure enough, Heath was at a bad wreck.  Rob sent Heath a message on his car computer, telling him what happened and to call me.  As I hung up the phone, with Rob, a gal drives up and told me that the girl who has my purse just dropped it off at Chase Bank, down the street.  Me and Addi RAN down to Chase Bank and sure enough, it was there!!! 

As me and Addi are driving away, she says, "Mom, that lady was sooo nice to come back to Taco Bell to tell us where your purse was.  Next time, try to not forget your purse because not everyone is that nice".  lol. 

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