Sunday, January 23, 2011

new house

We are soooo excited to be in our new house!  We just adore the home and most importantly, the neighbors are all really welcoming!!  My sweet friend, Jen, was asking for pictures ... so I'll start posting as I get things put away and clean.

This is the downstairs.  It's a different layout than most houses, we weren't so sure about it, at first, but now that it's coming together, we're excited for a FAMILY TIME area.  No TV!! We are so happy to have the piano, too! I'll post pictures later of Addi and Heath playing the piano together ... precious!!

The first thing to be hung on the walls, is our THANKFUL project!  My friend, Becky, has a super fun blog with some really great ideas.  She's so crafty!  For Thanksgiving, she did a "Grateful" project with her kiddos, that she does every year.  We decided to do one, too and hang it for the entire year, not just Thanksgiving, to remind us what we are thankful for.  You can see her project here.

More to come .....

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mlesueur said...

I LOVE your new place! It's so adorable and the "Thankful" project :)